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    Shin Yeh (欣葉) - Taiwan
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    Shin Yeh (欣葉) 85/F, Taipei 101, 7 Xinyi Road, Section 5, Xinyi District Taipei City +886 2 8101 0185 Company Profile CUISINE AS A TRADITION Shin Yeh..

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    Shin Yeh (欣葉)

    85/F, Taipei 101, 7 Xinyi Road, Section 5, Xinyi District

    Taipei City

    +886 2 8101 0185

    Company Profile
    Shin Yeh Restaurants represent more than just the satisfying of physical hunger of our customers–it is a wholesome dining experience that spans over thirty years in the F&B industry.

    Expanding from a shop in Taipei’s back alley to the business districts, and then from Taipei to Beijing, Shin Yeh, deeply rooted in Taiwanese cuisine, has inherited generations of traditions. Nurturing insistence, innovation and inclusiveness, Shin Yeh has evolved into a unique and international gourmet brand.

    Starting Up from 11 Tables
    In 1977, a businesswoman with a dream set up a small restaurant in a Taipei back alley. Mrs. Lee Xiu Ying began with only 11 tables and thus Shin Yeh was found. Taiwanese cuisine at that time consisted mainly of dishes that were relatively simple and small. The lack of banquet dishes proved challenging for the company in its early days.

    Mrs. Lee worked on innovating and developing items from traditional Taiwanese cooking. She then took a direct approach in building her clientele, initiating managers to visit new guests at their place of work to express her sincerity. This, coupled with the taste of the dishes prepared, generated a long-lasting credibility with customers within five years. Shin Yeh’s reputation saw a steady rise due to these word-of-mouth efforts; its customer base has increased significantly since.

    A Place for Family and Friends
    The Shin Yeh experience begins from the moment you walk in – you are greeted by friendly, cheerful staff who have been trained to provide stellar hospitality efforts. The general feel of the restaurant serves to make you feel at home; a place for you to meet your friends and loved ones. As Mrs. Lee considers all employees of Shin Yeh as her own family members, most of them feel secure about their careers. This sense of belonging in the company encourages staff to treat all customers as their own guests. Employees bring their children into the business generation after generation. This has built a culture of enterprise and ownership within the company.

    Taking Care of Details
    Shin Yeh’s charm lies in the intricacy of their cuisine preparation. Focusing on the minutest of details, specifications extend to even the thickness of how the green onions should be cut. Chefs have perfected their techniques through various trial and error methods. Resulting in a series of delica te execution methods for ingredient and taste modifications, this is also applicable to efforts taken to improve plating and presentation styles.

    Shin Yeh’s suppliers are considered partners who assist the restaurants in coordinating research on food materials and quality. They brand their products with a simple promise to always offer the best food and service qualities to all customers. This is perennial in helping Shin Yeh weather slumps and downturns in any economic climate.

    Composer of Gourmet Food
    Aroma has no physical boundaries; neither is there a limit on quality or innovation in gourmet cooking. To satisfy tastes in different market segments, Shin Yeh has expanded their business offerings to that of four Taiwanese cuisine restaurants; one Shabu Shabu restaurant, three Curry Champs, four Japanese buffets, one young-fashioned Taiwanese cuisine restaurant, and one high-end ambiance restaurant in Taipei 101. These outlets are now extending regionally into Japan, Singapore, and China.

    Company Mission: Preserving the Taste of Taiwan
    On their 20th anniversary, Shin Yeh published “Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine” and “The Best Selection of Taiwanese Cuisine” to provide a historical overview of the innovation and development of their many dishes. On their 30th anniversary, ShinYeh published “Heart and Soul – Taiwanese Cuisine from the ShinYeh Restaurants”, and they were promptly awarded the European Gourmet Illustration of 2007 shortly after.

    To express their heartfelt gratitude to society for supporting ShinYeh throughout the years, Shin Yeh instituted and sponsored an annual Children’s Cooking Experience Camp to teach them about Taiwanese food . Shin Yeh also sponsors the annual Taipei Spring Roll Festival to educate people on the value of this dish in a family reunion setting.

    Smile, Because the Fortune is at Your Lips
    Shin Yeh’s logo comes from the company name: flourishing leaves in the shape of smiling lips, full of life, turned towards the sun. Beginning with traditional Taiwanese dishes, S hin Yeh has since developed a wide range of food and beverage offerings. Shin Yeh builds on this philosophy of providing clients with a wonderfully memorable dining experience.

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